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At Stella, You don't Have to Plan Your Wedding Alone

Do the words "wedding plan" make you instantly overwhelmed? Does just the thought of dealing with the logistics make you want to squirm?

Between booking your vendors, organizing contracts, managing your budget, and taking care of the seemingly never-ending little details, planning your big day can be a lot of work. Add in your regular, everyday responsibilities, and it is enough pressure to cause even the most organized and time savvy of couples to feel anxious. Here at Stella, wedding-plan-headaches are a thing of the past.

Our Events Manager and Full Planner, Shelby Daugherty, works with our couples closely, taking a huge weight off their shoulders and leaving time to enjoy each part of the journey. Shelby has been in the wedding industry for over 7 years and has experience navigating all corners of the process. With a repertoire of several dozen successfully planned weddings both at Stella and beyond under her belt, it’s safe to say she’s the real deal!

Wedding Photography by Brooke Boyd Photo + Film

“It is my utmost priority to make sure our couples and their wedding parties can enjoy the day without stress while knowing everything will happen and look exactly how it should. My ultimate goal is for your wedding to meet your expectations and I look forward to achieving that each time.” - Shelby

The Trosclairs’ vision was a big one requiring many planning and logistical hours to pull off successfully, which Shelby fully embraced and executed with ease.

In reality, planning a wedding is not all glamor and fun. It requires constant and consistent communication with several different people and the discernment for important logistical decisions.