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Whether getting your colleagues together for team bonding or as a group of friends for an occasion, a day of hunting at Stella offers a private and customizable experience for everyone.


As avid hunters, we have a clear understanding of the level of service we want as hunters, and at Stella, we have made sure to offer a wide variety of customizable and easy to plan hunting options for your group. 

What we offer:

Stella's Premier Hunting Package
European Style Tower Pheasant Shoots: Oct - March
Quail & Chukar Hunts (1 guide per 2 shooters): Oct - March 
Hog Hunt: Year round
Hunt and “Live off the Land” Dinner Packages 

 We can also arrange:

Delacroix Duck Hunts 
Cast & Blast Combo

Air Boat Hog Hunts

Alligator Hunts

In & Off Shore Fishing



The perfect trip for friends or colleagues, our premiere hunting stay is a customizable stay for the sportsman. Options including hogs, fowl, and fish, everyone will be thrilled with their catch of the day. 


With a guide for every 2 shooters and 30 birds for each shooter, you’ll have an amazing experience trekking through Stella on your fowl hunt.  

Quail & Chukar Hunts are available for guests visiting Stella as a part of an Executive Retreat, Premiere Hunting Stay or general lodging. 



Staying at Stella or joining us for an Executive Retreat? Let us arrange any of the following for you: 

Delacroix Duck Hunts, Cast & Blast Combo, Air Boat Hog Hunts, Alligator Hunts and In & Offshore Fishing Trips


As avid hunters, we implemented European-style pheasant tower shoots at Stella to extend our hunting season and provide a unique outdoor activity for corporate entertaining. Pheasant Tower shoots are a relaxed, social alternative to traditional hunting and do not require a license. Join us for a public shoot on one of our predetermined dates, or schedule a private shoot on the date of your choosing for 10 or more. 


For the hunter who enjoys the chase and excitement hunting wild hogs through Stella is sure to be considered an extreme sport. Wild hogs are very challenging animals to hunt because they possess keen senses of smelling and hearing. Wild hogs are very muscular animals that rely on its speed, wits, and brute force to evade hunters. Boars use their sharp tusks to fight for breeding rights. These powerful tusks are formidable weapons that sometimes reach five inches in length. Hog hunts can be arranged to suit your desire and needs. 


Hog Hunts are available for guests visiting Stella as a part of an Executive Retreat, Premiere Hunting Stay or general lodging. 

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