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Get hands-on experience catching and learning all about Louisiana’s favorite freshwater crustaceans, the crawfish. You and your group will take a rustic wagon ride through Stella's beautiful 1,500 acres as you head back to the diverse habitat that is home to much of Louisiana’s most recognized wildlife.

Catch your own crawfish at Stella
Delicious Crawfish Boil at Stella
A Crawfish Trap
Crawfish Boil with friends at Stella
On the Crawfish Boat at Stella

Upon reaching the crawfish ponds, 2 by 2, take turns on our specially designed crawfishing boats to experience one of the oldest Louisiana traditions. Guests will have the opportunity to lift the traps from the water, collect the crawfish, bait the traps and replace them in the pond, or watch as the fishermen demonstrate. While you crawfish, the remainder of the group will be set up under the shady oak trees that line the ponds with a delicious boil of Stella’s own crawfish. Our crawfish have a stellar reputation of always being red, spicy, big and delicious! A standard boil includes crawfish, corn, potatoes, mushrooms, garlic, sausage, and onions as well as a full bar. Enjoy local cuisine at it's freshest in the very spot it’s caught.







Stella Crawfish | Corn Cobettes | New Potatoes 

Mushrooms | Garlic | Sausage | Onions 


Customizable Full Bar Options


Add specialty items of your liking! 



When: February - June 

Minimum of 30 guests 


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