Stunning DIY Wedding at Stella Plantation

Allison & Blake worked tirelessly to create an amazing and personal wedding celebration. With family ties to the Plantation, Allie & Blake chose Stella as their venue. They chose to honor their alma mater and the place they met by "rolling" one of our 250-year-old oak trees just after they said their vows. (A first here at Stella!)

The Bridal Prep

The Groom's Prep

The Ceremony

The Rolling of the Oak

After the newly weds recessed down the aisle, the pastor said to the guests "It's not hard to find the celebration after a big win at Auburn. Just head towards the flying rolls of toilet paper at the oak tree on Toomer's corner. Since the beginning of Auburn athletics, Tiger fans have celebrated victories there. Allie and Blake consider this a big win for them and would like to carry on the tradition by asking all of you to join them in rolling the tree."

Just the Two of Us

Brenda Sison dragged Allie & Blake around Stella for some of the most gorgeous bridal portraits ever! That golden hour light mixed with their good looks and obvious love for each other is simply stunning.

The Reception

The reception rocked with an unforgettable performance from the Phunky Monkeys and the bride's DIY decor represented a beautiful history of the pair.

Allie had an amazing attention to detail and she and her family created most of the decor by hand!

Blake celebrated with cobbler instead of the traditional Groom's Cake and the pair made sure that Mike from Phunky Monkeys got a dozen cupcakes to celebrate his birthday. They are so thoughtful!

The Exit

The bride changed into an adorable short dress and sparkly Kate Spade tennies before they guided guests to an after party using a 2nd line & sparklers followed by snoballs in custom cups!