A Uniquely Classic Affair

You may not usually combine the adjectives classic and unique to describe a wedding ceremony and reception - but Liz and Ryan made it happen! From classic red roses to a black and white wedding cakes, nothing about this wedding was predictable but everything was refreshing and elegant.

The bridesmaids were in red dresses that went beautifully with the floral arrangements by Palette Florist.

The ceremony was held at Stella's Oak Row. Liz, Ryan and their wedding party all looked so excited and pleased to get these two married. Ryan was all smiles from the moment he got to the ceremony. Liz was filled with emotion and showed some happy tears as she walked down the row with her dad to meet her man and exchange their vows to each other. You could feel the love that this ceremony and that everyone there truly believed in the love shared between this couple. Officiant, Dane Hord, gave an incredible ceremony and finally Liz and Ryan were husband and wife!

The wedding cake was classic and unique all at the same time. Swiss - Bittersweet did an incredible job with creating the black and white contrast while incorporating the stunning roses as a divider. It tied in beautifully with the attire of the entire bridal party.

The food by Palette catering was not only yummy but aesthetic as well - these oysters are just one example of the spectacular cuisine that they provided for this wedding

This group was a dancing crowd if you've ever seen one! Everyone made an appearance on the dance floor - from the youngest guests to the older guests. Everyone wanted to break it down with the bride and groom. Luckily there was great music provided by DJ Ronnie Roux and a very big dance floor of Stella's Harold Pavilion. Swipe the pictures above to see all the fun that was had.

Mike Lirette can take a photograph of just about anything and make it look incredible, but the love and excitement from this evening had to of made his job that much more fun this night. We know we had an incredible time which is why we will never grow tired of hosting the happiest occasions at Stella Plantation.


Photographer: Mike Lirette

Florist: Palette

Officiant: Dane Hord

DJ: Ronnie Roux

Catering: Palette

Cake: Swiss - Bittersweet

Photo booth: Ronnie Roux

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