A Sportsman's Paradise

Hunting Games in Louisiana

Hunting season in Louisiana is right around the corner and Stella Plantation is one of the best hunting locations for the Louisiana sportsman. Our secluded property, which rests on 1,500 acres, will provide a sportsman’s paradise for your hunting party.

As avid hunters, we have implemented a variety of hunting excursions that provide a unique outdoor activity for both personal and corporate entertaining. Grab your friends, family, or colleagues for an experience that is customized to each sportsman liking.

Now, lets talk bird hunting.

Pheasant Tower Shoot

Do something a little different with your morning and try your shot at our European tower pheasant shoots. This is a relaxed, social alternative to traditional hunting that does not require a license. Stella’s pheasant shoots put the “game” into hunting games.

Stella’s pheasant hunts take place October through March and are designed for groups of at least ten hunters. Adding to the level of competition. This style of shoot is perfect for the more social group as noise is not an issue! Stella’s hunting grounds hold ten shooting station towers that surround a 40-foot tower (the tallest of its kind) where the pheasants are released. Our standard hunting package includes the release of ten birds per hunter. Once released, they take flight and the game begins. Each time a horn is sound, the hunter will rotate to the next station, giving each shooter a fair shot.

If you’ve never experienced a tower shoot, or maybe you have, this is an absolute experience to be had!

Chukar and Quail Hunt

Different than our tower shoots for pheasant, Stella’s chukar and quail hunts allow shooters to explore the grounds looking for Bobwhite Quail with their prominent black stripes and be ready as they take flight in quick, short bursts, sometimes getting up to 25 miles per hour in flight. Be on the ready as the fowl are flushed from the bushes!

The chukar, a Eurasian transplant, takes to the warm climates of the southeast and as you pass through our acres of woods keep an eye out on for their tracks in the mud as they move between sheltered areas feeding on green grasses and broad leaf plants.

Whether you’re a veteran hunter or new to the sport, each two hunters will be accompanied by one of our expert guides to give you a better understanding of the lay of the land. Our years of experience, from having lived on this land for decades, area crucial asset to your experience. Our guides will set you up for success!

Make Your Hunt a Weekend of Fun

On top of owning 1,500 acres of Sportsman’s Paradise, we have made our Main House — which features three suites, two bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms — available to you and your colleagues. Just imagine kicking back at our Copper Bar and reliving the day’s hunt while enjoying a few of Louisiana’s finest libations. Tell the truth or tell a tale or two, either way, a stay at Stella Plantation after a hunt will be a story to remember.

Want to hunt more than just one day?

As part of the Premier Hunting Package, Stella Plantation can arrange the perfect duck hunting adventure in Delacroix, Louisiana with our preferred vendors. Hunters will wait and watch while their duck calls and quarry lure out mallard, whistling ducks, and more. You’ll have a blast and hopefully bag the maximum to bring back to the plantation for another Louisiana night at Stella.

Whether you are here for business or pleasure, we have an array of exciting options for your hunting party. As with all things Stella, we cater to your needs and can’t wait to host your next hunting trip. We take pride in being part of the Sportsman’s Paradise and cannot wait to share it with you.

Give us a call at (504) 919-7474, fill out our contact form, or email Natasha (natasha@stellaplantation.com) We can’t wait to hear from you!

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