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Life is all about timing and planning ahead. So, why would your Big Day be any different?

Oak Row at Stella Plantation

Stella Plantation has several different options for the setting of your wedding. Stella Plantation provides magnificent backdrops for the most special of special occasions. From our stunning Oak Row to the Lazy Tree, a 150-year old oak tree, Stella's natural beauty will be in full display.

Or maybe you would prefer getting married in our historic Carriage House? It is an open air structure that is perfect for a more intimate wedding or reception.

Carriage House love at Stella Plantation

Or (see, we told you we have a lot of options) maybe you look forward to creating your own look in our Harold Pavilion, our permanent tented structure that will serve as the blank canvas to your artistic inspiration. Along with Stella’s preferred vendors, the Pavilion can be customized to whatever you desire for your wedding day.

Harold Pavilion at Stella Plantation

But you have to plan ahead and, obviously, securing your venue is one of the first steps a couple needs to take.

Yet, that’s not all. So, here are a few wedding checklists to help you in preparing for the Big Day.

Like we’ve mentioned, the wedding checklist over at mentions that you should secure your venue 10-12 months out. We couldn’t agree more as wedding dates fill up even farther out than a year. But once you get a rough number on how many guests will be invited you should give us a call and we can talk about your options as Stella Planation is the perfect venue for crowds from 25 all the way up to a 1,000 guests.

Cutting loose at Stella!

Over on the New Orleans’ Bride wedding checklist, they suggest once you’re six to nine months out you should start interviewing and selecting some vendors such as your photographers and florists.

That's solid advice but truth be told, it takes as long as you have to plan a wedding and Stella has done big weddings in as little as three months. That being said, you’re more likely to work with the vendors you want when you plan further out.

If you need some help on whom to select you can check out Stella’s preferred vendor list.

As your wedding day draws closer, the Real Simple wedding checklist says to check in with your vendors once again when you’re two months out and don’t forget to stock your bar for the reception!

Don't forget the drinks

So, please take a look at your wedding lists, folks! We promise they will remove a little stress out of the process. We can help too, because in the end, it's all about having a great time and a perfect day.

Reception at Stella Plantation

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