5 Reasons You Should Have A Corporate Retreat

Business culture has changed.

We are no longer just a workforce that shows up from nine to five and then goes home. Stella Plantation understands this.

Modern business is connected, with many workplaces being fully remote. Even if we report to the office, our expectations of our employer are far greater than even a decade ago. It’s not just about a paycheck. It is about being appreciated. It is about you, as the business owner, going further.

It’s about showing your employees that you value not just their time but also their effort in driving your business. Employers are investing in their teams, outside of the usual means, more than ever. Corporate retreats are what separate the great companies from the average companies.

Thus, the corporate retreat at Stella Plantation.

Corporate Retreat at Stella Plantation

1. Focus

Corporate retreats are about slowing down. We work with one another on a daily basis and sometimes never get to achieve the most that we can because we’re all caught in the minutiae of the daily ins and outs of the office.

We all have the best of intentions and great ideas but a hectic workplace often prevents us from stopping and saying, “Hey, let’s sit down and talk about this.”

Even the good companies that carve out time for their teams to brainstorm new ideas still have to deal with employees sitting in their same offices and, even though they are contributing, thinking about what work needs to be finished before the end of the day. A retreat, especially one surrounded by 1,500 acres of nature, breaks up that daily grind.

2. Figure Out Your Team

More than likely, you’re going to meet your co-worker in the confines of the office environment. Sure, we all love a little office chitchat but once we’re at work, even in the coolest of offices, we put our head down and get busy. That’s great for work but not so much for getting to know the nature of your co-worker.

Team Building at Stella Plantation

Corporate retreats give you the time to truly talk and listen to your teammates. It gives you the opportunity to see people in a new light. You’re not rushing to get the product pushed out the door anymore. You're not hurrying to finish up the report before the meeting. Now, you're storming down a hike and bike trail. Now, you’re learning something about your co-worker over a game of Corn Hole with a cold beverage in hand. Sounds silly, but these moments will absolutely benefit the bottom line of your business.

3. Experience The New

Like most offices, the team is built through a hiring process. That hiring process will determine where one lands in the hierarchy of the business and from then on it’s usually a performance-based map that determines who the leaders will be.

Hunting at Stella Plantation

But what if you could throw that map away? Instead of creating the new app, what if the team had to go offshore fishing and bring home the night’s dinner?

That would definitely change things up. All of sudden, the regular leaders may have never been fishing or hunting, and the new employee becomes the most experienced person in the room. Corporate retreats provide abundant opportunities to change the dynamic of your office.

4. Have a Great Time

Yes, it seems obvious, but it needs to be said — this is a time to get away from the office while injecting new energy and ideas into the company culture, but it is also about just having a great time.

Bring focus to your corporate retreat and create value from the relationships that will be formed. These things are imperative, but, just as good, will be the team’s appreciation that you took the time to create a corporate retreat for them.

They will never forget it.

5. Mark the Time

For forward-thinking companies, corporate retreats offer an amazing opportunity to kick start new initiatives. If you have a million-dollar idea why would you want to unveil it in the same place you walk into everyday?

Meetings at Stella Plantation

To do new things, you have to do new things.

Add the spice that a retreat will provide to get everyone excited, and brainstorming, about the year to come.

Stella Plantation is the home of your next corporate retreat. Reach out and say hello.

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