Meet the Team: Mad Batter Bakery

On this week's "Meet the Team" we're introducing you to the ladies of Mad Batter Bakery!

Meet Stella Preferred Vendor:

Anne Gros, Mad Batter Bakery

Anne Gros has over 20 years of cake baking/decorating experience and considers it one of her greatest joys. Anne opened Mad Batter Bakery in Chalmette in March of 2013 after an overwhelming interest in her intricate designs created the need for more room to expand and grow her business. She prides herself on putting the customer’s needs first and making culinary dreams become reality. Along with her daughter, Jessica and her talented decorating staff, Mad Batter Bakery is quickly becoming one of the most popular bakeries in the metropolitan area.

(photos from Dark Roux)

What is your favorite thing about events at Stella Plantation: "My favorite thing about events at Stella Plantation is the ease of everything. From start to finish, everything is so organized. We have never delivered to Stella and had it not be set up and ready for us. Caroline is the sweetest, most put together event coordinator to work with. She really takes care of everything. The location itself is stunning and the attention to detail is phenomenal. We fell in love with Stella, so much so, that we chose it for my daughter’s wedding. Everything was story book perfect, and we couldn’t have chosen a better venue! "

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What piece of advice do you give to couples getting married at Stella: "When I see couples who come in for cake tastings from Stella Plantation, the first thing I tell them is, “You’ve picked the perfect place”. Stella is amazing. Caroline is awesome to work with, and you will have an absolutely unforgettable time. As far as advice goes, don’t sweat the small stuff. The most important thing is marrying the person of your dreams. The rest is Lagniappe."

(photo from Alec Quig)

Tell us something you enjoy about events/weddings in general: "The thing I enjoy most about events/weddings is seeing everything come together. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a dream come true and seeing a client’s face light up with excitement at the finished product. Being able to be a part of that is the best feeling in the world."

(photo from Glass Jar Photography)

Tell us something you don't like: "One thing I dislike most about events is when too many outside sources influence the guest(s) of honor into getting something they aren’t happy with. This is YOUR day. Make it all about you. If you want 15 colors for your wedding cake, you should do it. If you want a cake that hangs from the ceiling in the middle of the dance floor, the sky’s the limit. If on no other day, your special day should be all about YOU!"

(photo from 1216 Studio)

From Stella's Event Manager - Caroline says: "I love working with these ladies. Their cakes are beautiful, creative, and always delicious. Every time I head to a tasting, my office requests a geaux-box! I haven't met a flavor I didn't like, but their brown sugar cream cheese on red velvet cake, peanut butter & chocolate ganache on chocolate cake, and the traditional almond cake with lemon curd are some of my stand out favorites. They always have a smile on their face when they deliver to Stella and there is always a line at the cake table when Mad Batter is the baker (and that's WITH servers passing the cake!) Plus, they do other desserts too - we did an amazing mini pie display, their king cakes are epic and we order breakfast from them when folks take advantage of the overnight accommodations. Can someone pass a slice now, I'm hungry."

(photo from Studio Orleans)

From our Stella Brides: "I got married on 10/1/16 the person that was hired to do my cake backed out a week before my wedding we called everywhere and this was the only place up for the challenge! The lady was so nice and understanding of the situation. She assured me that she was going to make it beautiful and she did! She also did our grooms cake. I can honestly say I am not a cake person at all but my wedding cake was SO good! Our guest loved it even more! They only had 2 pieces left at the end of the night!!! This bakery saved my wedding! Thank you a again!" - Betsey

(Photo from Beach Shutters Photography)

"Mad Batter Bakery made our wedding cake on 9/3/2016. Given that we and all of our guests were from out of town, we wanted something that captured the New Orleans feel more than a traditional wedding cake. To accomplish this Mad Batter baked a number of delicious king cakes, many with a different filling (we didn’t even know there were options apart from the traditional!). All of our guests raved about how delicious and beautiful they were." - Mallory

(photo from Mike Lirette Wedding Photography)

From a Stella Mom: "Annie at Mad Batter bakery is the BOMB! She helped us design the wedding cake for my daughters wedding this past weekend and there was not one piece left over. The groom's cake also came from Mad Batter. We just showed her a picture of what we wanted and she got it "spot on"! Thank you for the beautiful and delicious cakes!" - Robyn