A Gift for Mom - Mother's Day in Mind

We just love a sweet family story! Ashley (left) was married at Stella in October of 2015. Her sister Rachelle, was married the next year at a fellow plantation. However, she loved Stella so much that she decided to have her bridals taken here! Both girls wanted to give a special gift to their mom, Cyndy (center) for Mother's Day. So, at the end of each of their bridal photo sessions, they were photographed in mom's wedding dress! How sweet and such a great gift for mom!

Pop these amazing photos in a side by side frame and you've got an amazing gift for Mother's Day!

Even though they teased mom about her wedding dress' style, they both picked out things they liked about the dress! The sleeves were absolutely amazing with their picture window lace!

How cute are these two!

Rachelle's Photos are by Sarah Mattix and Ashley's are by Hannah Mulligan

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